Diamond Tool - $14

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Sand Carving Tools - Willyspheres

(GUESS WHAT? - they work with snow, too!)

A Willysphere does only one thing -- but it does it extremely well and with no special skills or training. Want to make a sandy snowman? Christmas tree ornaments? A field of bubbles? A perfect pair of fake boobs? -- this is the tool you need! 

Willysphere Set - includes 4 Willyspheres in the following sizes (all centimeter): 20, 30, 40 and 50. -- $35.00 (shipped in the US

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Bi-Tool (hook and tiny trowel) - $18

Skinny Square - $14

"Sandcastle Made Simple" by Lucinda "sandy feet" Wierenga

Learn how to build a better sand castle - the sandy feet way! This 128 page, fully illustrated (in color) book is crammed with easy-to-follow, illustrated tips and tricks that will have you building like a pro in just a couple of hours.

Aimed at the beach person who has discovered that s/he can do cool things with wet sand and wants to delve ever deeper into the world of serious sandcastle building. $17 includes shipping

The basic sand carving set includes a modified pastry knife, all six of our custom designed tools and an illustrated instruction sheet on how to best use these tools. Throw in your own shovel and a bucket or two and you may have all the tools you will ever need to build one killer sand castle after another.

Basic Set $85 - includes everything you see in the photo - plus free shipping.

Loop Tool - $14

Willysphere Instructions:

1. Firmly pack moist sand into a mound somewhat larger than the size sandshaper you are planning to use

2. Start in the center of your mound, using a circular motion. Don't force it, let the tool do the work

Bonus Tip: As you work your way around the sphere, keep starting from your original, centered "start point."

Watch Wilfred demonstrate his Willyspheres on YouTube

The perfect last-minute gift! Give someone special an experience they will never forget....

To order your certificate - (minimum of $50):

1. Decide which lesson you would like to present to your giftee (see the choices here, or contact us if you need help deciding)

2. Pay for your certificate here

3. We will send you the certificate file in pdf form, which you can either print and present or forward to your giftee! Prompt delivery and lots of fun for everyone -- guaranteed!

Sand Carving Tools - Deluxe Set includes

• 2 pastry knives (square for castles & tapered for organic shapes)
• corded blow tube - for blowing sand out of cracks and crevices
• pointed trowel - for larger-scale carving
• floozy (duster) - for giving carved surfaces a supersmooth finish
• all six custom tools

This set comes bundled with sandy feet's book - Sandcastles Made Simple - and whatever else we might have laying around that we find useful and think you might, too (i.e. tool case, skewers, wax-carvers, etc.) When we find something we like that we can buy in bulk, we share them with our deluxe tool-set buyers. $125 shipped


Got a family of carvers? You will need more modified pastry knives to keep everyone happy! Our deluxe family version includes all the above plus 3 additional modified pastry knives - just
$140.00 shipped

modified pastry knife - $6.50

individual tools

Serious sand Carving Tools created by serious sand sculptors 

(we will be adding new tools and better descriptions soon - please check back!)

Big Square - $14

About Our Tools

The custom tools featured in our Basic & Deluxe sets were developed by the Sons of the Beach Sandcastle Wizards and designed by The Amazin' Walter McDonald. They have evolved over the years and are currently being assembled by hand right here on South Padre Island, TX. The Thermo-loc handles can be re-shaped to fit your hand: just throw them in a pot of boiling water until they are soft enough to reshape. (To keep them from melting together, refrain from stashing them in a clear cellophane bag in direct sunlight.) Scroll down to purchase tools individually.

column tool - $14

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