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Sandy Feet Sandcastle Lesson Frequently Asked Questions

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You have questions and we have answers! Here are the sandcastle lesson frequently asked questions ...

How much in advance should I book?

ASAP. We have popular times booking months in advance. We do not require a deposit to hold your reservation and here is no penalty for cancelling in a timely manner.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash or check is always appreciated - but you are also welcomed to prepay via

paypal (spisandy@gmail.com)
Venmo (@Lucinda-Wierenga)
CashApp - $LucindaWierenga
or credit card

Where do we meet?

We will plan on meeting you down by the water at the mutually-agreed upon SPI beach. We will be carrying shovels and buckets and should be easy to spot - just wave us over.

So where exactly is Public Beach Access #16?

Neptune Circle is located just north of Suntide II (4400Gulf Blvd.) If the parking lot is full, you can park on Gulf Blvd. but it is also an easy walk down the beach from many island properties.​

Where is "Sandcastle Beach"?

This is the stretch of beach located between beach accesses #15-#17 - including the Butterfly Garden Access (most easily accessed by Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Esperanza and Hibiscus Streets.)

Can I rent an umbrella and some chairs at this location?

Yes! Jim's Beach Service has a stand located at Suntide II and they will fix you right up.

Why do you ask if any members of our group are under age 7?

Our Sandcastling101 class requires muscle strength and dexterity that younger kids - generally speaking - have yet to acquire. While they are welcomed to participate, they will likely lose interest well before the 90 minutes is up. Our “Tips & Tricks” lesson at 45 minutes is a better bet if you are “doing it for the kids.”

We are running a bit late/need to cancel/don’t like the weather…

It happens. We appreciate a call/text to 956-459-2928 (Lucinda) or 210-683-6477 (Jose) or 720-404-1252 (Anubis) or 512-993-6500 (Jenifer) asap. Will try to reschedule if that is an option.

What do we need to bring?

We provide everything you will need for the lesson, though there are some things it doesn't hurt to have more of (i.e. buckets, shovels and cups.) If you can, bring a (common drinking) straw - one end of which you would feel comfortable putting in your mouth.

We want a head start! Is there anything we can do to prep before your arrival?

Eager beavers welcomed! We almost always start with a hole and a pile. Dig close to the shoreline, but not so close that waves are washing up around you. (It helps to know what the tide is doing.) You should hit water by 10-12" max -- that is deep enough. Pile the sand from your hole at least a foot landward from the hole. The bigger the pile, the better. Throw some water on it as you pile it up and it will become more stable. Too complicated? No worries. I am happy to do that part when I get there.

Do you sell your book and tools at lessons?

Everything you use during the lesson can be bought - usually for a very nominal price. (Do you sell your tools at lessons?
What about your book? ”Sandcastles Made Simple” by Lucinda Wierenga just went out of print, but you can still pick up a used copy or download for your Kindle here)

Are we expected to tip?

A tip is an unexpected delight. What is of possibly greater value is a short, sweet  review on Trip Advisor or Yelp  :)