Sandy Feet Sandcastle Lesson Frequently Asked Questions

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You have questions and we have answers! Here are the sandcastle lesson frequently asked questions Padre Island

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash or check is always appreciated - but you are also welcomed to prepay via paypal or credit card here. While we can also accept credit card payments on the beach, we'd rather not have to.

Where do we meet?

We will plan on meeting you down by the water at the mutually-agreed upon SPI beach. I will be carrying a shovel and some buckets and should be easy to spot - just wave me over. (If we agreed to meet at Beach Access #16, you can get directions here.

What happens if it rains?

A little bit of rain is not usually a problem - for me, anyway! However, a steady downpour or heavy winds will not make for a great sandcastle experience. If it looks threatening and you want to cancel, there is no penalty for doing so and if you have prepaid your money will be refunded in full. If you would like to consult with me, give me a call just prior to our appointment and we can talk postponement or cancellation.

We are running a bit late...

It happens. I try to give myself wiggle room around appointments, and I appreciate a call/text to 956-459-2928 to let me know if you expect a delay. If I have your contact info, I can do the same.

What do we need to bring?

I provide everything you will need for the lesson, though there are some things it doesn't hurt to have more of (i.e. buckets, shovels and cups.) Sunscreen is a good idea as well.

We want a head start! Is there anything we can do to prep before your arrival?

Eager beavers welcomed! We almost always start with a hole and a pile. Dig close to the shoreline, but not so close that waves are washing up around you. (It helps to know what the tide is doing.) You should hit water by 10-12" max -- that is deep enough. Pile the sand from your hole at least a foot landward from the hole. The bigger the pile, the better. Throw some water on it as you pile it up and it will become more stable. Too complicated? No worries. I am happy to do that part when I get there.

Do you sell your book and tools at lessons?

Everything you use during the lesson can be bought - usually for a very nominal price. Let us know ahead if you want a copy of Lucinda's book "Sandcastles Made Simple", as we do not generally carry them to lessons.

Are we expected to tip?

A tip is not expected, but always a pleasant surprise. What is of equal and perhaps greater value is a short, sweet review on Trip Advisor or Yelp if you have a moment :)

We requested a video - when can we expect to see it?

Depending on how busy I am, I will try to have your files ready within a couple of days (but it could take as long as a week!) Thanks for being patient....