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have more fun on the beach forever....!

​Lucinda "sandy feet" Wierenga has won a modest amount of international fame with her sandsculpting skills, competing at major events all around the world since 1987. She invented the job of sandcastle instructor and has offered sandcastle lessons, team building exercises and beach billboards to South Padre Island guests and residents since 1990.

​​Lucinda and her husband/fellow instructor José run The SandBox Inn, a pet-friendly vacation duplex on South Padre Island.

Anubis Morrison has been giving lessons since 2019 - and he just keeps getting better at it. He is one of our traveling instructors who will come and meet you at different parts of SPI.
When not giving lessons, you can find Anubis making music, on the trail or working at the village -- he is the hardworking guy who maintains and repairs the sculptures -- hurray!

and our newest team members...

Alexandrea Bailey says, "Let's hit the beach!" and she is ready to teach you how to have more fun there forever.

When she is not busy teaching Tips and Tricks lessons at Wanna Wanna or SandCamp on Thursdays, you can find Alex starring in a local theater production -- or perhaps performing with her Birding Center-based band, "Sceathers."

Jewel Marie Stotts is "a passionate musician by night and a passionate sandcastle instructor by day." She is currently a regular performer on the Southern Wave.

She hangs her sandcastling hat over at Coco Beach beach where you can get special rates on a group "Tips and Tricks" lesson for just $80.

She is also taking over SandCamp duties on Tuesdays, 5 PM at Access #16.

Sandy Feet Sandcastle services Instructors

José Sánchez is an "Edutainer Deluxe" with decades of experience as both an elementary school teacher and as a musician and storyteller on stage. He began sandcastling eight years ago, and enjoys sharing sandcastling tips, tricks, and insight simply, directly, and with a sense of humor.

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