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have more fun on the beach forever....!

Wedding Proposal Sculptures

You are only going to do this once - you hope! - so let sandyfeet help make your special day even more memorable with a custom sand sculpture. For as little as $100, we can carve your heart-felt message on a sandy heart.... and for a bit more, we can really up the ante...

From sweet and simple -- to over-the-top huge and complex, we are happy to work within almost any budget. We can carve simple beachy elements - hearts, flowers, sea turtles, dolphins, etc. - right into the sculpture. We can also incorporate rose petals, fresh-cut flowers or other meaningful objects that are easily acquired or that you provide.

We can incorporate battery-powered candles and your beverage of choice for a nominal fee. (Note: no glass on the beach - but we are happy to report that the local liquor store offers Andre sparking wine in cans, and we have some lovely plastic flutes with which to toast your future...)

New! We can add a sandy loveseat - fitted with a cushion for comfy seating with LED candles - for you and your beloved to watch the beach fireworks from while discussing your future together - beach fireworks are every Thurs., Fri. & Sat. all summer long! Loveseat prices start at $250.

To get started planning your perfect engagement experience, please fill out our reservation request form. The more details you can give us, the easier it is for us to make you happy. Feel free to peruse our gallery of proposal sculptures  - or do a google search for other ideas and share the ones you like. (It is helpful to pinpoint what it is you like about a specific image.)

Alternatively, tell us the message and the budget -- and let our artists come up with something completely new! We have some of the most creative and talented sculptors in the business -- right here on SPI.

Possible scenarios for getting your beloved to the beach without arousing suspicion:

For Access #16/Butterfly garden accesses (our default location)

1. Have a drink or two at Wanna Wanna - we are a 5 min. walk south

2. Check out the butterfly garden, have a picnic lunch under the gazebo - access #16 is a 2 minute walk north

3. Grab dinner at Blackbeards - #16 is located at the end and just to the north of Saturn St.

For other locations on the beach:

The Palms Cafe and the Marriott/Claytons/Hilton/LaQuinta area: all lovely places to dine located right on the beach. Have a romantic dinner, then invite your sweetie to join you for a stroll....

Beachfront Properties

If you are staying right on the beach consider this possible scenario: Your beloved is lounging or otherwise enjoying the beach in front of your property. The sand sculptor shows up and starts making a castle close to your umbrella. You watch her work, enjoying the process. The last thing she carves may be angled slightly away, until it dawns on your beloved that this is a message directed very specifically to her....

At the Holiday Sandcastle Village

Its location - the heart of the "Entertainment District" under a big tent full of amazing sand sculptures - makes this an attractive option. Our "proposal area" is located right in front of a web-cam so if you want you can share the experience with friends and family all over the world. We will close down the village traffic for a a few minutes to give you and your beloved some privacy.

We will continue to add new ideas here for making your special day even more memorable - thanks for stopping by!