• $30 discount at "Sandcastle beach"
  • Beginners aged 7 and older
  • bad back, trouble bending over or sitting, and other Physical limitations? - this lesson is for you!
  • 60-90 minutes
  • All equipment provided
  • Prices are for Groups of up to 6  - add $10 for each additional person, age 7 and older 

We will be happy to meet you anywhere within the city limits of SPI - or meet us at "Sandcastle Beach" - access #15, 16, 17 or the Butterfly Garden access - for a $30 Discount!

Tips&Tricks Special - $80/Group

For all ages

Learn the basics of getting sand to stand! You will build towers & walls -- concentrating on building but with an introduction to carving using common items everyone has or can easily find. Learn all the tricks and skills you need to build a great castle. We provide all the equipment needed.

Choose your instructor, choose your location - we are just a short stroll down the beach from many island properties -- or take the FREE Island Metro.

sandcastling 301 - $320 and up

Whether you are a corporation or a family, working together for a common goal is a desirable outcome -- especially when it happens on the beach! If you have an energetic group that wants to build something BIG, this is the activity for you. We will meet you on the beach with a cart full of equipment to help you build something amazing - including a message, name or logo if desired. We strongly recommend that you take one of the other lessons prior.​​ Expect to sweat!

New Tips & Tricks Instructors/Locations for 2024

José (English or Spanish) at Sandcastle Beach 

Jewel Marie at Coco Beach

Alexandrea at Wanna Wanna 

  • For groups of 10 and larger
  • $20 per person (roughly, fill out reservation form for quote)
  • May include a beach billboard
  • May include a contest
  • Adults & Kids
  • Beginners +
  • all equipment provided
  • Available on any SPI Town Beach​ - discount at sandcastle beach

The big group lesson 

Grandma is turning 80! Mom & Dad are celebrating a big anniversary! It's a bachelorette beach party! Wherever a group of beachfun-lovers gather is a good time and place to the rest of the sculpture by jumping in whenever they feel comfy doing so. End result will be a finished billboard sculpture, perfect for a group photo.

SANDCASTLING 101Lite - $110-140

The same lesson compressed into 1 hour. Best for smaller groups (1-3) or students with shorter attention spans - we'll cover as much as we can...

  • Now available at access #16, Wanna Wanna and Coco  beach
  • Prices are for 6 or fewer - $10 per additional person
  • budget travelers friendly
  • 45 - 60 minutes long
  • Great for shorter attention spans
  • available at sandcastle beach - (may consider other locations)
  • All levels of ability

For $50 and up, we can add a professionally-carved custom billboard to your

castle. It can be a simple birthday, anniversary, graduation message  -- all the way up

to a complex logo. (Paragraphs are discouraged. ;-)

  • Fill out reservation form for price quote
  • Adults & older (Age 10 and up) Kids
  • intermediate + advanced
  • 2-3 hours
  • all equipment provided
  • Available wherever I can roll my cart

Add a Beach Billboard

sandcastling 201 - $170 -200

This is a revved-up version of our 101 class - only bigger, better and faster! This is a good choice if you have had some experience with the techniques we teach in 101 or T&T -- but if you are physically fit and quick learning, you may want to jump right up to our 201 class.

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South Padre Island sandcastle lessons - Prices Quoted are for groups of up to 5 participants

Add $10 for each additional person

sandcastling 101 - $140-170

Your instructor will demonstrate basic softpack, hard pack and hand stacking techniques, then show you how to combine these structures into castles. If you are inspired, jump in and give building a try! Then together we will carve doors, windows and winding staircases; walls & battlements -- ending up with a great photo-op! 

​​​​sandy feet sandcastle services

have more fun on the beach forever....!

  • $30 discount at access #16 
  • Adults & older (Age 10 and up) Kids
  • intermediate
  • 90-120 minutes
  • all equipment provided

The Proposal Lesson - $160

Do you have an important question to pose your beloved? This may be the lesson for you...

We will meet at Sandcastle Beach for a lesson. We will work together to build a pretty castle and then you will take your sweetie in search of shells to decorate the castle while I will quick-carve the proposal itself. Includes a handful of rose petals and I will shoot a video of the reveal as well as some post-proposal pics.

A unique way to do something you will (hopefully) only have to do once -- but I am also happy to have a completed sculpture finished and waiting for you anywhere on the Island. More info...