​​sandy feet sandcastle services

have more fun on the beach forever....!

  • Adults & Kids aged 6 and older
  • Beginners +
  • 1-2 hours
  • All equipment provided
  • 1 hr for up to 6 PPL - $120 
  • 1.5 hrs - $150
  • 2 hours - $180
  • larger groups - add $10/per person

Grandma & Me - $80 (at access #16; $100 anywhere else)

Treat visiting grandchildren to a lesson designed just for them. Less rigorous and demanding than the basic lesson, this lesson is suitable for children as young as 2 or 3 years old -- I do all the hard work, you jump in if/when you feel like it, and every lesson ends with a pretty castle for your photo opportunity.

Kiddy Birthday Party - $120 & up

Especially designed for young children. Instructor spends half an hour making a customized "birthday cake" sand sculpture, then builds a castle around it that the party-goers can carve - making a lovely photo-op that everyone can claim they helped with.

We will be happy to meet you at any beach within the city limits of South Padre Island - or meet us at Beach Access #16 (Neptune Circle) for a $20 Discount!

Tips&Tricks Special - $50 and up

For all ages

Learn the basics of getting sand to stand! You will build towers & walls -- create sea creatures, snowpeople and other simple objects. $50 (for up to 5 people) at City Beach Access #16 (Neptune Circle); $70 anywhere else.

The extended lesson is the most popular of sandy feet sandcastle lessons. More advanced skills and plenty of hands-on time means that we can get you well on the way to a fairly-impressive castle. We will either leave you with a finished piece worthy of multiple photos, or we will leave some tools behind so that you can finish it yourselves -- send me pictures!

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  • groups of all sizes
  • families with very young children
  • budget travelers​
  • $10/person - $50 minimum
  • ​Children under 5 free (with parents)

Castles & Cocktails - $100 and up

(Adults only) This lesson is designed for folks who are less concerned about technique and more interested in fun (& bragging rights) -- I do all the hard work, you jump in if/when you feel like it, and every lesson ends with an impressive, customized castle for your photo opportunity. BYOB!

Adult Billboard Party - $150 and up

For older kids, adults or mixed group. You will get the basic lesson, plus a custom billboard featuring name(s), message, or logo of your choice. $100 & up

"Build Me Something!" - $100 and up

You want a castle? I'll come build you a castle. Or a mermaid. Or a dolphin, sea turtle, racetrack, teddy bear, snowman, snowwoman, throne -- what do you want? I can probably build it! If you ask nicely, I may let you help... ;-) $100 & up

Team Building - $250 and up (2hr minimum)

Whether you are a corporation or a family, working together for a common goal is a desirable outcome -- especially when it happens on the beach! If you want to buld something BIG and are part of a larger group of adults and/or big kids, this is the activity for you. I will meet you on the beach with a cart full of shovels, buckets and other goodies and help you build something amazing - including a well-designed message, name or logo if you so desire. Larger groups may choose to break into smaller teams - 3-5 is optimal.

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Seasonal & Specialty Lessons - sandcastle lessons Padre Island!

  • Up to 12 people ($10/each for every additional person
  • Adults & Kids
  • Beginners +
  • 2 hour minimum
  • all equipment provided
  • Available on any SPI Town Beach
  • Additional instructors available for larger groups

Basic & Extended Basic - $120-$180

You will learn basic softpack, hard pack and hand stacking techniques and learn how to combine these structures into castles. Carve doors, windows and winding staircases; lettering basics - and end up with a great photo-op!

South Padre Island sandcastle lessons - Which Lesson is Best for your group?

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