The Beach Walk Surprise

If you can predict with a reasonable amount of certainty where you and your sweetie are going to be strolling the beach at a specific time, I can be sure to have a customized valentine ready for the two of you to "stumble upon." Prices start at $60.

The Sandcastle Lesson Surprise

You know you want to learn how we do it - surprise your dear one with a lesson and while she's busy carving on her castle, I will make sure a custom greeting gets worked into the sculpture. Prices start at $75.

The Garden/Patio Heart (temporary)

I will show up at your location with a bucket of sand and whip up a customized message heart anywhere you like - can be created in a flower pot, in a parking lot, on a front porch, etc.-- and can be made semi-permanent with a little care and maitenance. Prices start at $100.

The Garden/Patio Heart (permanent)

I can create a "heart stone" from sand carved - or not! - with your message/name(s) that you can locate (and relocate) anywhere you like. Prices start at $100.

The 3-D Photo Op Heart

No plans to be on South Padre any time soon? (So Sorry!) No worries. I will customize a heart, shoot some quality photos and/or video and send it to you anywhere in the whole wide world. Prices start at $30.

The 2-D Photo Op Heart

I will draw a heart with your message included in the wet sand and take a photo/video of it and send it to you. Use it any way you like. Prices start at $7.

Ain't love grand? Over the past several decades sandy feet has helped hundreds of sweethearts express their tenderness in a truly island style using that genuine Grade AAA South Padre Island sand we love so much.

If you can imagine it, we can probably carve it. Take a look at some inspiration here, then let's chat!

If an island style beach marriage proposal is in your

near future -- we should chat.  Fill out our no obligation request form to get the ball rolling. Prices start at $100 and include photos/video. See some inspirational photos here!

There are many ways to tell someone that you love them. Here is one you may not have tried yet...

No Just for Valentines Day -- Sandy Hearts

​​sandy feet sandcastle services

have more fun on the beach forever....!