Back in Summer 2019 --- Sand Camp!

Let's talk about what your Sand Camp Session might look like... !

​​​​sandy feet sandcastle services

have more fun on the beach forever....!

Possible Sand Camp Scenarios

Tips & Tricks - (one time) we quickly cover several sand activities utilizing plastic carving tools we can leave behind (for collection later)

Tips & Tricks - (multiple sessions) Can be weekly or several consecutive days, where we concentrate on different and specific skills in each session

Workshops - ranging from 1 to several hours where we provide instruction and hands-on practice and assistance for all ages

Workshop/Contest Combinations - We can offer a 1-2hr workshop followed by a quick 1-2 hr contest - or go longer and bigger! We provide all the tools and instruction.

Add a "Beach Billboard" for just a bit more $ featuring a professionally-carved castle and your name, logo, URL, etc. Cellphone cameras will appear ;-)

Help Your Guests Have More Fun on the Beach Forever!

Attention Owners/Manager of beachfront property on South Padre Island: Welcome to Sandy Feet Sand Camp!

We bring the FUN

Summer is all about the kiddos, and anything you can do to help frazzled parents keep their kids happy and occupied wins you big points with your guests. The good news is that it doesn't have to cost a lot of money - we are happy to work with you to design the perfect program.

Our instructors have been trained to work with all ages and levels of skill - yes, even toddlers! - and we know how to keep kids and adults engaged and interested with hands-on sand activities that will enhance their beach experiences forever.

We provide...

Posters to help promote Sand Camp to your guests



Contest organization (optional)

Who is is for? Anyone and everyone, though children under 12 should be accompanied by a (participating) adult

Where? Any beachfront property on SPI -- we come to you!

How long will a Sand Camp session last? Anywhere from minutes to the whole day to multiple days.

Cost? Fees start at ___ (for a 20 minutes "Tips and Tricks" session) and up. You can treat your guests -- how about something special for the owners and their families? -- or you can pass on the costs with a sign-up sheet. We are happy to work with your existing activities director (if you have one) or as a stand-alone activity.

What to bring? Sandy feet will provide all necessary equipment, but students should come prepared with sunblock, drinking water, etc.

More: A typical sandcastle lesson covers lots of territory in an hour. A Tips & Tricks SandCamp session explores one or two very specific tricks that one can do with wet sand. Weekly or Daily sessions will build upon each other but also serve as stand-alone workshops. You may not learn how to build a whole sandcastle, but you will learn a very cool sandy trick that will make your future sandcastles better.

Some possible topics for Sand Camps ---

  • Let’s make a sandy lounge chair
  • Wall building
  • Lettering
  • Making and using simple bucket forms
  • Windows/Doors
  • How to make an awesome sea turtle
  • Fun with willyspheres
  • Arches and tunnels
  • South Texas Snowballs

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