​​sandy feet sandcastle services

have more fun on the beach forever....!

A New Way to Promote Your SPI/PI Business!

Basic Sponsorship:

Business provides:

  • $ 75 Basic Sponsorship Contribution (day)
  • $ 200 Basic Sponsorship Contribution (week)
  • $ 700 Basic Sponsorship Contribution (month)
  • %____ Discount Offer (Retail of Food) for Sand Camp participants who make purchases at your business
  • Reproducible copy of the business logo desired for promotion in Sand Camp media
  • Display of Sand Camp promotional materials

Sand Camp provides:

  • Token/wristbands/tickets redeemable at your business for the offered discount
  • Word-of-mouth promotion of your business during Sand Camp sessions
  • Display of your business logo in Sand Camp media

Custom Sponsorship:

(Includes all of the above) PLUS, for an additional $500

Sand Camp provides:

  • A custom-built sand sculpture featuring your desired logo
  • Photographs of the sculpture for display at your location and in your media
  • Opportunities to distribute samples or gifts representing your business to Sand Camp participants

New for Summer 2018 --- Sand Camp!